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About Us

Everyone here at Five Star Telescopes have our own story that originally peeked our interest in telescopes.  Mine began when I was about six years old. As a little girl in South Georgia, we spent lots of time outside playing. Most kids went in at dark, but for me the fun was just beginning. The stars were coming out. It was my favorite time of day. It was time to get my telescope set up to view the amazement of the stars and sky. It was so magical how the stars seemed almost reachable. This became a major focus in my life and one that I still enjoy today.

We offer Telescopes that Meet Your Needs and Budget

What does it take to ensure your decision is the right Telescope? In order to locate the perfect telescope that meets your needs, it takes a reputable online shop or supplier with hands on and practical telescope experience. Here at Five Star Products, Inc., we have the background and experience to sell telescopes that ideally match the your needs and budget. 

Why Choose Us

There might be countless stores and online sources offering telescopes, but Five Star Telescopes is your best choice for the following reasons:

  1. We have an unwavering commitment to the finest quality of products.
  2. We value our customers and give close attention to their needs. Also, our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee says it all.
  3. We sell telescopes for all levels. We have special telescopes for beginners and the finest selections for the pro. Wherever you are in your skill level, Five Star telescopes is sure to have the one for you.
  4. Our Telescopes are well crafted and advanced.
  5. We offer our customers tremendous value at the most reasonable price.
  6. We offer products that will surely enhance users telescope experience without breaking the bank.


As far as telescopes are concerned, there are many choices but the above mentioned reasons are the best ones  to help make your decision. This is not only because of the high quality features these telescopes possess bit also more on the benefits that they offer to the user.


So if you are looking for  the best telescope for you to spend time gazing at the moon and the stars, why not give Five Star Telescopes a try today!

We offer telescopes that meet your Need and Budgets