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Great customer service. Best prices. Great follow up and excellent website. Very talented people to have such a great website.

-Sherry Hughie 


Very impressed with the owner! Will definitely use them when I decide on a telescope model!

-Kailey Floyd June 27,2017


Very attentive and prompt service. Was able to get me exactly what I needed for a great price. Will be visiting again soon!

-Ashley Collins June 27, 2017


Love star gazing? This is where to shop. Great product, great prices and you can’t beat the customer service! Thank you 5Star.

-Rita Hopkins August 10, 2017

I ordered some glasses to view the eclipse from Five star Telescopes. I waited until the last minute so there was a lot of doubt that I would get them in time to witness the solar eclipse August 21, 2017. To my great surprise the Friday before the eclipse I received a call from Five Star Telescopes. My glasses couldn’t be delivered in time by traditional delivery but there was an employee that was driving around town personally delivering glasses to local customers. That same day I had my glasses and it was still several days before the eclipse. That kind of personal care to assure customer satisfaction isn’t very common. I highly recommend Five Star Telescopes. They certainly have earned my loyalty for future astronomy needs.

-Craig August 20, 2017

Phenomenal customer service! They were able to answer all of my questions, and were happy to do it. This makes me feel confident in my purchase, and in choosing this company.
Julia Komar August 10, 2017